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Persistent Representation For Social Security Disability Appeals

The Social Security Administration has difficult standards for disability benefits application acceptance. Many applicants are denied disability, especially in their first attempt. It is possible to secure benefits through the Social Security Disability appeals process. At Deissner Law Office PLLC, we assist clients who struggle with mental and physical disability throughout the Social Security Disability process, from application to appeals.

Why Was My Application Denied?

The Social Security Administration may have denied your application for a number of reasons, some including:

  • You do not have substantial proof that your disability will last for 12 or more months
  • They do not consider your impairment to be severe
  • They believe you can perform some type of work

The above judgments may be false in your case. It is likely that you have a severe disability but your medical documentation was not substantial enough for definite proof. We can shape your argument with the appropriate documentation to help you achieve necessary financial support through SSI benefits or SSDI benefits.

Experienced Guidance For The Appeals Process

Our founding attorney, Dustin Deissner, has over 37 years of experience in the law, and a deep understanding of the Social Security Disability benefits application process. Attorney Deissner and the team at Deissner Law Office PLLC will walk you through the steps for an SSI or SSDI appeal. We will help you add appropriate information such as medical records and statements from doctors. We are also prepared to provide a compelling argument before a judge.

Some suggestions to improve application acceptance include:

  • Pursue diagnostic treatment for your condition
  • Attend follow-up doctor visits
  • Share all your concerns and details of your condition with your doctor
  • Develop evidence from other resources such as friends, family, employers or your school

Our lawyers will present the best strategy for a request for reconsideration, for your hearing, and for appealing a judgment. We provide personal consultation to help every client achieve the best results possible.

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