Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Practical Debt Relief Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Piling bills and constant calls from creditors can become extremely stressful. If you are facing unmanageable debt payments, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a beneficial solution to reduce or eliminate your debts. At Deissner Law Office PLLC, we offer assistance in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Deciding if bankruptcy is right for you can be a difficult decision. Our attorneys want to set you up for success. We offer practical advice and will help you work toward the best debt relief options. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt such as:

  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loans
  • Medical debt
  • Car loans
  • Lawsuit debt
  • Older income tax debt

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will halt any wage garnishments, will protect against creditor harassment, will prevent car repossession and can even stop foreclosure. Our attorneys can help you decide if Chapter 7 is right for you.

Experienced And Personal Legal Guidance

The bankruptcy process consists of a number of potential pitfalls. Complications can arise from family gifts, issues when you wish to favor a certain claim or when you want to keep a specific piece of property. It is important to receive assistance from an experienced lawyer when applying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to help you handle complex financial issues.

Financial circumstances are different for every client. The size of our small firm allows us to focus on individual solutions for every case. We can help you identify your priorities and create a personal plan to work toward your goals. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your questions and concerns about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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